The Royal Finance Story...

Communication leads to knowledge which leads to understanding and trust.  Read about our Core Values, our Story and meet our Management Team to gain some knowledge about Royal Finance.


Our Core Values

We strive for excellence.

Each person is disciplined, takes ownership and works hard to achieve a high quality in everything we do.  Communication is key.

We work together.

No man is an island.  Our company is built on teams working towards a common goal.  Everybody needs to unselfishly "pull in the same direction" in order to achieve success.

We treat our clients like royalty.

Our business would not exist if not for our clients.  They are the most important part of our business - that is why our slogan is "where the client is king!".

Our employees are our biggest asset.

We want our employees to live a balanced lifestyle, where long-term success is guaranteed.  We encourage them to practice self-awareness and self-improvement in order to become the best version of themselves and the best leaders they can be.

We live in integrity.

We "walk the walk", meaning we are honest and consistent in who we are - cultivating a culture of integrity.

We are family.

As a family-business, we value family principles.  Every employee who embraces our core values, becomes part of the bigger family.


Our (hi)story

"Open your horizons" the lecturer said.    

"Take off your blinkers and see the possibilities beyond the here and now".

Right then and there Johan de Meyer decided that he was going to take charge of his own destiny by "being his own boss".  It was 1994.  

He quickly spoke to his wife Elize, and being the rock behind Johan all their lives - she was all in!    

"Let's dream big" they said.  "Let's buy a farm!".  

But, at that stage of their lives they were not well off at all.  They were earning salaries and merely scraping by with their 3 kids every month.

So - they did not get the loan for the farm.  They were gutted, as they thought this was going to be their big break.

Little did they know that their destiny was to grant thousands of people over many years to come that one thing which they were denied - a loan!

The declined loan steered them to their destiny - starting their very first Micro Finance branch in Kroonstad in 1994.

With great business sense and a love for people, they were geared for success. 

They quickly started expanding and to date have built up the Royal Finance Group - consisting of 20 branches throughout South Africa.  This might sound like quite a small operation, but the Royal Finance way is to run a tight ship - growing slowly but steadily.  As Johan always says:  "Crawl before you walk before you run before you fly".

Many of the branches are co-owned by the Branch Managers, where Johan & Elize have created opportunities for deserving staff to also take charge of their destinies like they did 27 years ago.  Johan & Elize says that this co-owning model has been one of the biggest contributors to the success of their story and the business in general.

Over the years the Micro Finance Industry has had its ups and downs, but through hard work, perseverance,  and the ability to change with the times, the business is as strong as ever.  Johan & Elize welcomed their eldest daughter, Mariette into the business in 2012 and their youngest daughter, Elani in 2014.  Their son Dawie joined in 2022.  The management team consists of family members and hand-picked individuals who by now are just as good as family.

We are busy opening up our horizons even further - and have started venturing into Developmental Finance with our StepWise Home Loan.

Our next big dream is to help solve the "unsolvable" problems of Developmental Finance for Micro Entrepreneurs in South Africa.

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Meet the Management Team

(through the lens of the "Gallup Strength Finder" tool)


Company team

Johan de Meyer , Chairman of the Board

Relator.  Maximizer.  Communication.  Belief.  Responsibility.

Favourite Quote:  "Change every threat into an opportunity"

With Johan’s strengths, no wonder all employees look up to him with love and respect.  Johan is always looking for ways to transform something good into something superb.  He finds satisfaction in working hard with others to achieve a certain goal.  He is a very good conversationalist and presenter, with unchanging core values.  He always does what he says he will do, and is very committed to the values of honesty and loyalty.  Together Johan and Elize have had an immense influence in countless people’s lives.  

Company team

Elize de Meyer , CEO

Relator.  Responsibility.  Achiever.  Strategic.  Maximiser. 

Favourite Quote:  "Don't be penny wise and pound foolish"

Elize is nothing less than a workaholic (you can mostly find her at 10pm in front of her computer). She enjoys working towards a common goal with people close to her - that is why she is at her happiest in a family business!  Facing any given scenario, Elize can quickly spot the relevant patterns and create alternative ways to proceed and she always focuses on people’s strengths as a way to stimulate personal and group excellence.  She has always been an unwavering rock for Johan, laying the perfect foundation for success.  

Company team

Mariette Ischner, Managing Director

Activator.  Achiever.  Ideation.  Individualization.  Woo.  

Favourite Quote:  "If your dreams don't scare you, they are not big enough"

Mariette is the personification of "challenge accepted".  If you want things done in record time and to the utmost quality, she is your go-to girl.  She has an internal fire burning inside, pushing her to do and achieve more.  Her dreams and ideas never stop, and she is not satisfied if the best of those ideas are not brought into reality.  Mariette is intrigued with the unique qualities of each person and loves seeing people achieve their potential.  With her sparkling personality and ample amount of Woo, she is the one you want on your side!

Company team

Elani Fourie, Financial Director

Maximizer.  Achiever.  Deliberative.  Relator.  Individualization.   

Favourite Quote:  "Our staff is our biggest asset"

Dynamite comes in small packages.  True maximizer, Elani wants to get the most out of everything.  The achiever in her never stops working.  True to the nature of any good financial guru, she sees the obstacles ahead and takes care in decision making.  All this explains the progress that was made in the finance office since her arrival 6 years ago.  She really turned something good into something extraordinary.  Elani is great with people and all co-workers and employees love her to bits! 

Company team

Carien van Eeden, HR & Compliance Manager

Responsibility.  Woo.  Communication.  Harmony.  Input.

Favourite Quote:  "It must make business sense"

By far the most academic person in our midst, we are very lucky to have Carien as part of our team.  She is a very responsible, hard working individual - always doing her utmost to fulfill her responsibilities and to keep her word.  With WOO on her side, she has that rare ability to enter a crowd and instantly know what to do or what to say.  In her written communication, she will hunt for the perfect phrase to ensure she communicates clearly and in a way that can be understood by most.  She is the one keeping harmony in the team by ensuring that everyone knows exactly where they stand.  Carien is naturally curious and always wants to know more - this serves her well in her chosen profession of Law!


Company team

Dawie de Meyer, Operational Director

Achiever.  Competition.  Ideation.  Analytical.  Futuristic.

Favourite Quote:  "If you don’t set out to win, don’t even try."

Although he is part of the family and we are a bit biased, Dawie is an excellent addition to the Royal Finance management team.  His analytical thinking suits the position of auditor well, and his drive to achieve and be the best of the best will ensure a very well run and successful operations team.  He likes to be busy and productive and is fascinated by new ideas and new ways of doing things.  He very quickly energizes team members, optimistic about what the future can be.  His calm but assertive personality will be a strong glue between team members.


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