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By filling in this questionnaire, you can apply for a loan as a small informal business owner.  Although we try to make loans accessible to people who have never had access to loans, we still have some minimum requirements.  Please be sure to read through them to ensure that you do not waste your valuable time.  


You must have your own smartphone with WhatsApp.

You must have enough data to communicate on WhatsApp .

You must be the only owner of the business, or it should be a family business.

Your business should trade from the same premises every day, or you should own your home.

Your business should be open for at least 3 years.

The Loan Amount must be used to buy an asset or stock.

The loan amount will be paid directly to the supplier.

The max first loan amount that will be considered is R10 000.
Still, please remember that smaller loan amounts will be easier to qualify for.

Find our Terms & Conditions here:
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